Our Philosophy

"The philosophy is the 'why' behind your work with children, their families and each other. It is the combination of your beliefs, values and hopes for the educational program that you provide and its outcomes."

Early Childhood Australia, Revising the service philosophy, 2012

Learning is born out of opportunities. We believe learning is born out of providing children with challenging and relevant opportunities to experiment and explore both independently and with others. Learning happens in many ways, including through playfulness as well as through the unexpected, such as productive failure. The education that takes place instils a passion for ongoing learning. This journey of learning continues for years to come but our time with children is a formative steppingstone for ongoing curiosity and development.

We walk in solidarity alongside our families. We understand that responding to and respecting the diverse needs and desires of families is a critical component of this relationship. We strive to create a space that is a place for families, that embraces them, that respects them and that listens to them. We appreciate that effective learning for children can only occur through collaboration with families, and we acknowledge that families and educators can hold diverse ideas about children and learning and this is strengthened through understanding and respect. We are family for family.

Values and morals drive our practice. An allegiance to fairness, honesty and respect is a cornerstone of our work. It is our passion for children to succeed and thrive which fuels our commitment to early years education and ensures that our time with children matters. Our place is a memory palace and our devotion to quality is unwavering.

When one succeeds we all succeed. A commitment to working as a team and dedication to our work ensures that we succeed. We strive to provide the highest quality of education and care by investing in the highest quality of educators. Educators who never give up, educators who are united, and educators who value the diversity evident across our team. Our people are our greatest asset.

Children come first. It is their aspirations coupled with their rights that underpin our work with children. In viewing children as people, we value their uniqueness, their cultures, their emotions and their voices. It is our dream to see their dreams become a reality and this shared journey aids our growth and learning as a collective. We are a community.