Our Philosophy

"The philosophy is the 'why' behind your work with children, their families and each other. It is the combination of your beliefs, values and hopes for the educational program that you provide and its outcomes."

Early Childhood Australia, Revising the service philosophy, 2012

In relation to our children 

We believe that children are viewed as successful, competent and capable learners who are given opportunities to construct their own understandings, contribute to the learning of others and participate in decisions that affect them. We believe playing should be the child’s main activity during their early childhood life, thus we work hard to provide a play-based environment with lots of stimulating resources and educators’ scaffolding. Our children are consistently supported to build their social skills and independence from the day they enter Butterflies. They are encouraged to interact with others with love. Our educators aim to role model each child’s life skills by being respectful and inclusive within our community and society. Here at Butterflies, we believe each child comes from a unique cultural background with their own personality and value. We hear their voices, and follow their leads when planning their learning experiences, incursions and excursions.

In relation to our families-Equity, inclusion and diversity are embedded in practice

Children are given every opportunity to succeed and their diverse circumstances, cultural backgrounds and abilities are respected and valued. Here at Butterflies, we strongly believe that partnership with families and trusting relationships are important to keep our children’s development consistent. Without their primary teacher in life, it is challenging to support our children’s learning with only educator’s support. Therefore, we always hear our families’ voice and take their feedback with respect and understanding. Our families are supported with a warm, passionate and loving team, who provide our children a home away from home environment which is safe, stimulating and inclusive. Being a boutique service also allows us to build a trusting relationship with our families quickly, therefore able  to respond to their request more effectively.

In relation to our educators

Our management and educators are dedicated to quality outcomes for children. We are professional, committed to lifelong learning, skilled and knowledgeable, reflective and collaborative. Our educators aim to create a welcoming, caring and happy learning environment for our children and families. We believe that the rights and best interests of the child underpin all our practices. Their safety, health and wellbeing are paramount. Each child should be respected without discrimination or bias, and has a voice.

In relation to community

We work in partnership with our community by organising incursions and excursions regularly throughout the year. Children learn by participating, and by establishing a collaborative partnership in the community, this will help our young generation to understand the world and build a sense of ownership as young citizens. We work closely with professionals to assist children who has high needs, and help our families to understand how to support their child become a successful learner

In relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

At Butterflies, we acknowledge the Cammeraygal people with whom we share the land in the past, present and future and will continue working with the children to build respect and value our Aboriginal community. We believe that it is important to teach children history and being open to what we don’t know. Being critical when reflecting our practices and being respectful among colleagues are also vital to role model our young Australian citizens in how to respect and value the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.