If you're looking for a workplace where you feel belong, and are supported, please check out our "AN HONEST JOB ADVERTISEMENT" from Butterflies ELC Artarmon. We're looking for a Preschool Room Assistant from January 2024, who can commit at least 3 days a week as a permanent educator to join our passionate team and lovely little souls.Our email is attached to the job ad. We look forward to hearing from you.

You need to hold a minimum of Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care with a minimum of 1 year experience working in a similar environment as a permanent educator.



Butterflies Early Learning & Childcare Centre

There’s a national shortage of educators, so why stay in a job, a centre, or a role that doesn’t spark joy, that doesn’t ignite your passion for educating, or support you to be the best that you can be?

We agree early childhood educators are not paid enough, which is why our pay reviews reflect your passion for early childhood education not your piece of paper. You can not put a price on an educator who is determined to make a difference.

Can’t leave your emotions at the door? No need, we are here to help support you professionally and personally. We are hiring brilliant, passionate humans, not robots and we believe that passion comes with some emotion. We want you to be the best person and educator you can be, even if you don’t stay with us forever, we know that you will make your next service greater by having you in it.

Both the Owner and Director are still passionate about what is happening within their service. The Director and our delegated leadership team are present and holds the highest qualification. They are knowledgeable about children and the early years, they have worked on the floor extensively as educators, and understand the reality and daily struggles the profession faces and are trying to raise the bar for both the children and their employees. You will never be asked to do something they haven’t or wouldn’t do themselves.

All other jobs are advertising a flexible supportive work environment, but this looks different in every service. We believe true support comes in the form of a director who truly listens. Kneels beside you and encourages you. Reads the room and provides the resources necessary to teach. Cares for your mental health and wellbeing and knows you well enough to know when you need support and allows you adequate time and space to complete your work to a high standard.

Working for Butterflies you will be paid for your time and provided dinner when attending staff meetings. Lunch breaks are covered, and programming time occurs during actual working hours and you will be provided with extra time off the floor whenever possible. We will ensure your working entitlements are met because having worked in the profession we know the pressure placed on educators and we don’t believe it’s an educator’s responsibility to complete work from home due to a poorly managed roster.

The 4 key traits employers are looking for are motivated, friendly, reliable and passionate, but this is what these mean to us:

Motivated: We want you to love turning up for work each day and doing what you imagined doing before you decided to look for a new job. We want you to dream big, dream of excelling in your career, dream of learning something new, and dream of creating environments that inspire.

Friendly: Be genuinely curious about the children and their families. Learn their names and help them to feel comforted. Hold, love and nurture babies we don’t believe doing these things will spoil them (and there’s plenty of research to back our practices, not old wives tales)

Reliable: We want you to show up physically and mentally. We should love you to be flexible enough to support your team and know the same will be done for you. We want to be able to rely on you to have a cup half full attitude and know that we can achieve anything we put our hearts and minds to. We know days are long, clothes get dirty, singing voices get hoarse, and maybe you’ve read the same book 32 times today, but we want you to leave our centre feeling satisfied that you have done what you were trained to do…make a difference in little people’s lives.

Passionate: It’s a must that you have a genuine interest in child development and understand the importance of planning. That you care about what every child is getting out of their day and the program you are implementing. We hope that you know and believe that they are one of the most important stakeholders in a child’s life, particularly the first 5 years. We would love for you to have an interest in continuous learning and self-development. Someone who believes that remaining stagnant is not an option.

We aren’t looking for cookie cutter educators; we are searching for the best of the best from all walks of life. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your inhibitions at the door we want loud, wild, crazy hip thrusters, paint splatters who wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, bookworms that can teleport children to another world with their storytelling, someone who believes they can sing like Mariah and aren’t afraid to show it, those who love to cook and feed the soul, those who believe children’s laughter is the best sound in the world.

If this sounds like you we welcome you to come and chat with us about a new career.

Ron and Rose


Owners and Director